The Power of “Sessions”


Co-Counseling is done by two people who divide time equally in “sessions.”

Thanks Tom for your perspective on the power of “sessions.”

The Power of “Sessions”   by Tom Alvord

The things that make a “session” so powerful for me are:

  • the energy I get from another’s aware, caring attention
  • the respect for the fact that we have our own answers inside of us
  • being in the presence of an aware, caring, nonjudgmental, non-evaluating witness
  • the trust that develops
  • the positive effects on my relationship with myself and with others
  • it’s the first time in my life I’ve consistently had opportunities to be this open about what’s really going on in my life
  • introspection is much more beneficial when done in conjunction with co-counseling
  • “sessions” help me question negative thinking
  • “sessions” help me see myself
  • “sessions” help me to be “in touch” with myself
  • these benefits help me to be less critical, less blaming and more accepting of others

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