“Safe Places”

Anne Buchalski describes Safe Places as “…places where we feel whole, sound, protected and alive.”   Thank you, Anne for detailing how Co-Counseling can create such a place.


“Safe Places”

Excerpts from an article* by Anne Buchalski, LMT, CST, Board Certified

Safe Places are those places, both external and internal, where we feel secure, comfortable and at peace. They are the places where we feel whole, sound, protected and alive.

They are locations where we know we won’t be hurt or attacked or judged.

Sometimes they are groups or individuals who we know will accept us for who we are, encourage us to connect with the best of ourselves and simply love or like us just the way we are right now even with our imperfections.

There are several external places where I have gone myself or referred clients or friends to find acceptance in a community or group environment.

The first group is Co-Counseling International or CCI.

I have found an amazing community of supportive and loving people in CCI who have helped me uncover and know my innate goodness and help me open my heart to share my gifts with the world.

Co-Counseling is a peer process involving two people who share time in a session to heal past and present hurts, to celebrate growth and make intentional change. For half the session one person is in the “counselor” role and the other is in the “client” role. For the second half of the session the roles switch. The “client” determines the type of support she or he wants from the “counselor”. A contract for that support is agreed upon by both co-counselors and always includes an agreement to hold the content of the session in strict confidence.

Co-Counseling is founded on the principle that we each have within us our own answers.

When we give ourselves time to explore in the presence of aware and caring support from the “counselor” we are able to find those answers, heal hurts and move forward. Co-counseling helps us to identify and safely discharge or let go of distress feelings, teaches us to validate and affirm our special qualities and gifts and gives us the skills and practice we need to take charge of our lives.

Co-Counseling is about celebrating who we are!

*The full article, “Safe Places”, originally appeared in the Fall 2015 issue of “The Door Opener”

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