A Newcomer’s Experience

A Newcomer’s Experience of Co-counseling.
-article from “Openings” Newsletter 2007
… by Phoebe Williams – Life Coach


Co-counseling is a peer counseling practice that teaches:
• Skills of self-awareness and self-empowerment
• Provides a safe place and methods for releasing distress
• Taking charge of one’s life.

Co-counseling is an amazing process.
It is entirely self-directed.
It is unlike anything else I have done.

Here are some of the things I have gained as a result of practicing Co-counseling:
• I have learned how to know for myself. After a lifetime of seeking answers outside of myself, this is a huge shift.
• I have learned how to recognize different emotional states and to work my way through them to the gift of truth hidden underneath.
• I have released shame and anger and fear that I have kept locked up most of my life; or maybe I should say that have kept me locked up most of my life.
• I have the tools to face any inner ‘demons’ that lurk in the shadows. I am not afraid of myself.
• I can listen to my kids with less of a need to tell them what to do!
• I know how to affirm myself and to stand in the truth of who I am.
• I use the process to explore areas of the unknown, new territory that calls to me.

“Co-counseling is one of the most sacred practices I do. “
“It is a jewel, a great gift.”

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