CCI Israel Dror Autumn Workshop

CCI Israel Dror Autumn Workshop**
by Janice Wasser

On the 23-24th of October we had our Fall Workshop for the Dror Community.
We were 30 people all together, with regular guests from The Netherlands, Marlies and Sytse.
Rex McCann from New Zealand was introduced to the Dror Community.
We were happy to see members of the community who came from far and wide – Wallid and Afef from Nazareth, Efrat from Zikron Yakov, Rahel from Karkur, Miriam, Vicki, Aviva and Avi from Jerusalem and our special Angel, from Eilat.
We had several visitors from another co-counseling community in Israel who were welcomed to join us as we all honor the same method.

I offered a brief “Back to Basics” since most of the Dror members had their fundamentals over 10 years ago. I also took the opportunity to discuss the CCI approach to co-counseling, describing the three types of contracts and what I discovered as a basic difference in our styles of training. This is an effort to prepare the Dror members for the upcoming CCI in November 2016.
Avi Butavia was with us for the evening where he talked about being caught up in emotional traps and demonstrated work on the topic of boredom/confusion and self-doubt. The demonstration showed the use of mantras “I know” or “I don’t know,” choosing one or the other, and then expanding on them with “I always knew” or “I never knew”.
Ida helped us to connect to our inner power with a breathing exercise, Kundalini yoga and the vibrations of her didge on Saturday morning.
Luiza offered a workshop on “Saying Yes to life!” (which was the theme of our workshop). She discussed some basic assumptions many of us make which limit us in our experience and growth. She offered new ideas helping us to expand our options, celebrating what is and truly saying YES to life! (Thank you, more please!)
Rex offered a preview of the work he’s done on fatherless sons and sexual consciousness. We were all very moved by his story and thirsty for more. He has agreed to offer another workshop for men only sometime in November.
Marlies and Sytse offered a NLP workshop entitled “One Word Reframing,” a fantastic exercise in changing your world by changing your words!
We ended the workshop with a cooperative game facilitated by our dear Aliyah, working in groups of 6 to create something out of bits of used articles, others might call trash.

I received a letter just yesterday which really puts in a nutshell what happened. Haim has agreed to share the letter that I then translated to English.
Dear Dror Community,
I had the privilege to participate in one of the best workshops of co-counseling over 18 years of my experience in co-counseling. I felt the love, warmth and unconditional acceptance for outside guests, and the absence of political overtones that usually causes separation and anger.
There were professionally facilitated workshops on a variety of topics that are not necessarily from co-counseling, but certainly contributing to growth and were absolutely pure pleasure.
I fell in love with the Dror Community!!!
I have no doubts at all – Peace and love within ourselves and for each other is a prerequisite for peace with our neighbors. Peace and love were indeed present at the workshop gathering.
Thank you and congratulations for growth for everyone.
Haim Engelovitch

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2 thoughts on “CCI Israel Dror Autumn Workshop

  1. Still amazes me that CCI co-counselors from anywhere in the world can gather with other co-counselors in a “Culture of Validation” to share, learn and grow. The most nourishing community I’ve ever known.


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