Tools for Transformation

CCI Co-Counseling is a distinct process which provides tools
and techniques for healing and transformation.
It is a simple, effective peer process for personal growth and on-going wellness.
CCI Co-Counseling skills offer a structure to establish a safe environment for this exploration
within a culture of validation, support and encouragement.

Some basic assumptions of CCI Co-Counseling are:
• At our core we are all good
• We each have our own answers
• We can make intentional changes in our behavior and in our lives

In CCI Co-Counseling, techniques that establish emotional safety, confidentiality
and self-awareness are taught and then practiced in pairs.

CCI Co-Counseling:
• Puts you in charge of your life
• Provides simple easy stress management tools
• Offers training in recognizing and managing feelings
• Teaches specific techniques to express those feelings in a safe, healthy way
• Gives awareness and tools for intimacy and open, direct communication.

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