The CoCounseling Net Project is an easy way for you to share Co-Counseling.
It contains articles, insights, videos and photos from co-counselors around the world.
By sharing these with friends, family and acquaintances you will be helping create interest in learning more about the powerful process of co-counseling.
So…Check out CoCounseling Net.
Share co-counseling!
CCI Co-Counseling is a distinct process which provides tools and techniques for healing and transformation.
It is a simple, effective peer process for personal growth and on-going wellness.
CCI co-counseling skills offer a structure to establish a safe environment for this exploration within a culture of validation, support and encouragement.
Thanks…Emily & Bob
Project Partners


2 thoughts on “About

  1. This is excellent, Bob. I’ve found it a very nourishing experience, first thing on a Monday morning, to read all the posts. Thank you for setting it up. 🙂

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