Co-Counseling – Workplace Benefits

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“Benefits of Co-Counseling in the Workplace”
from the book What’s On Top
by Sue Gray & Steve Roche**

Success at work has a lot to do with:
• How we relate to the people around us
• How we appear to them.

The skills and tools learned in co-counseling are hugely beneficial in all types of relationships.

At work they will help you to develop emotional intelligence and greatly increase your understanding of yourself, your colleagues, managers, and people who report to you.
• Increased emotional intelligence is a recognized way to be more successful at work.
• Greater self-assurance and effectiveness improves perceived value in many ways.

Skills learned in co-counseling training that are relevant to work include how to:
• Give clear and effective feedback.
• Be more resourceful when imparting bad news.
• Get on at work even when feeling upset; avoid getting stuck in feelings.
• Use fun and lightness at work to increase effectiveness.
• Relate openly and honestly to people.
• Increase people’s willingness to work together and be more productive.
• Be more assertive and self responsible.
• Listen and question more effectively.
• Build rapport and get along with colleagues better.
• Improve skill at “managing upwards.”
• Handle conflict well and put useful boundaries in place.
• Appreciate people and trust them to use their own resources.

“Emotional intelligence is not a luxury you can dispense with in tough times. It’s a basic tool that, deployed with finesse, is the key to professional success.”
– Harvard Business School Review

** Sue Gray and Steve Roche are experienced co-counseling teachers.
They live in the United Kingdom.

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